b.1986, Russia
Lives and works in London

email: olga.grotova (at) network.rca.ac.uk

instagram: olgagrotova

Olga Grotova takes family history, landscapes, troubled ecologies and experience of displacement as starting points for installations, paintings and performances. Her work involves going on journeys to map and collect histories, mainly concerning the lives and labours of Eastern European women that have been overlooked and erased from the established narratives. These histories alongside the material from the environments where they came from, such as plants, waters and debris lay foundation to  paintings and performances. Grotova uses poetry readings, sound and movement, to activate the paintings and create situations through which those marginalised histories can be uncovered and re-articulated in the present.


2014-2016    Royal College of Art, MA Painting

2011                Chelsea College of Art, Post-graduate Diploma, Fine Art



Fifth Wave, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Perceptable Movements, Gromov DK, St Petersburg

Arches and Vessels, Vanessa Vainio, London


Solo: Debris on a Luminous Plain, Centrala, Birmingham

Waters of the Volga (performance), Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo

Carrying Histories, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo

Sans (t)rêve et sans Merci, Cube, Moscow


The First Reading (Performance), Mimosa House, London

XVII. The Age of Nymphs, Mimosa House, London


Blue. 17, Osnova Gallery, Moscow

Seventeen, Centrala, Birmingham


RCA Degree Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London

Notes App, Dyson Gallery, London

WIP show, Royal College of Art, London

RCA Secret, Dyson Gallery, London


Tamizdat, New Holland, St. Petersburg, Russia

Megabodega, Family Business Gallery, New York

Performance, ritual, symbolic action: rite as play, Hayward Gallery, London

A Joyful Archipelago’ Guest Projects, London

A Spring That We Have All Been Waiting For (Performance), Guest Projects, London

Coup D’Etat, Arthaus, London

Guest from the Future, Galerie8, London


2021   SPACE Artist Award
             Arts Council England: Developing Your Creative Practive Award


2021     Wysing Arts Center Syllabus VI

2019    Praksis, Oslo


2019    Carrying Histories, Praksis

2017    ‘The Split’, Alvar Magazine    

2012     ‘A Joyful Archipelago’, commissioned by the Outset Fund