The Friendship Garden 
(Sound work)
Paweł Althamer's Garden ‘Silence’


Paweł Althamer's installation Silence
Photo: Dmitry Shumov

Mum, Kazakhstan, 8mm film,  2022
The Friendshio garden is a sound work included in the spatial installation Silence by Paweł Althamer.

The work is based on the poem about my grandmothers’ return to Urals after imprisonment in the Camp for Wives of Traitors to the Motherland in the 1930s. 

To Althamer, each element of the garden—be it a fallen tree or a particular deciduous bush—is a hidden quote, while the composition as a whole is a unique environment where the restless city dweller of today can alter the regime of time, as if transported to a picturesque space in a past era, where the rhythm and pace of life were not by default accelerated to the limit.

The work can be listened to online via the Soundcloud  (in Russian)